I am Tommy and this is a Musical Theater blog. They/them or Zie/zir pronouns. Enjolras and Grantaire die holding hands. I love Cats unironically.

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I haven’t seen a post where these are all together, so I thought I’d make one. This shit is important.

[x] [x] [x] [x] [x]

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on the boombox:
No hay bien (No Good Deed)
Danna Paola


Wicked Mexico - May 2014

She got in trouble for that final riff.

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 I was born to do this quiz.

The only quiz ill ever ace

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badassbeverlykatz replied to your post: badassbeverlykatz but such sad :(where…

whoops, i thought that said you /wanted/ to cry! D: oops. in that case, pitch perfect or star trek (reboot 1)?

no nooo i already feel like im gonna cryyyy but yes good ideas 

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mmmmm someone come smoke a bowl and eat junk food and watch a movie with me thanks

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badassbeverlykatz but such sad :(
whereisyourredscaaahf ahhhh that’s my favorite movie maybe I will!!!

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What’s a good movie to watch when you feel like you wanna cry


Are we gonna talk about the cake Rob Houchen made for the Les Mis Barricake Off?

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Yeah, but guys, can you imagine Remus Lupin going on a premiere of Les Mis in London (1985) because he loved the book and decided to finally go out and have a bit of fun and then hearing “Empty chairs at empty tables”? Because I just did and I am not okay.

"Oh my friends, my friends forgive me
That I live and you are gone.”

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Wow talk about a long time ago - I followed you back in the first round of big fandomy people way back when and I’ve been with you ever since! It’s so funny cause I know we had talked a bit about n2n and Hanukkah and a few other things but I don’t think we actually became friends till you sorta randomly stayed at my house for LAV stuff which was the best thing ever because I really just how amazing and cool and smart you are!!!!! I look up to you so much honestly - and clearly, you have the best taste, as you it me addicted to in the flesh!!

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i think you’re like 10 whole cool and wow your have the best posts ever and i didnt even realize you followed me but yeah wow im kinda in awe of your existence i think youre like, the coolest person ever ever ever!!!

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maybe the little bruises and cuts that show up on your body seemingly out of nowhere are actually little injuries that happened to your soulmate and you get the same marks on your skin as them

write a book

do a movie


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