I am Shira and this is a Les Miserables blog, because Enjolras permit it. If you're sad, just remember: they die holding hands. Sidebar art is by juanjoltaire and the icon is by jeanprouvairycute.

emmy rossum though what an incredible actress wow that scene between monica and fiona just wow

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I couldn’t decide where I wanted Coulson to be sorted, so.

Too adorable, could not not re-blog


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MORE TOKYO POLICE CLUB AHHH breakneck speed is my jammmmm but like wow if only id found this show when i was obsESSED with them





Please sign the petition to stop her deportation! 70,792 people have already signed this petition. We’re almost at the goal of 75,000 signatures. 


just do it please. no typing required

they’re not kidding - ALL you have to do is click the link and it adds your support to the campaign

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Grantaire | Les Miserables Fantasy Week 

Satyr Grantaire is my lifeblood. I also decided I’m going to try to take on most of the Amis, so as I complete them I will add them to the bottom.

| Bahorel | Grantaire

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I need Grantaire who can’t sing at all. I need Grantaire who doesn’t care that he can’t sing and sings anyways. I need Grantaire who sings loudly and obnoxiously in the shower. I need Grantaire who sings while he cleans and vacuums and doesn’t care if anyone can hear his voice crack

Then I need Enjolras who CAN sing. Like he can sing ridiculously well its kinda unfair. I need Enjolras who sits on the bathroom counter listening to Grantaire buzz his way through a Beatles song. I need Enjolras who smiles at Grantaire as he dances like a fool to his own terrible singing as he cleans. 

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Moonlight Beneath: Courfeyrac and Combeferre

Because sometimes it doesn’t work the first time. Spells backfire and experiments go horribly wrong. People get angry and hurt and sometimes everything seems a little bit hopeless. 

But sometimes it doesn’t matter because there is someone worth fighting for

Combeferre and Courfeyrac are inseparable, balancing each other with Combeferre’s need to explore and Courfeyrac’s passion. Its Combeferre that creates the gloves that protect her from hurting people and its Courfeyrac that holds zie when, after weeks, a spell just won’t come together. Its both of them that stand with Enjolras for freedom, for equality, for everything that matters.


The Backstory | Combeferre | Courfeyrac 

To read/see more about this universe track the Moonlight Beneath tag or follow the artist Juliette and the creator Marie

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I can't wait to watch you spiral into madness as your journey into Shameless continues

its gonna be ridiculous i already know

on the boombox:
"i knew him"


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Oh my Enjolras!


I had the pleasure to spend last weekend in New York City with the express purpose of seeing Jason Forbach as Enjolras in Les Mis (screw you, twitter, I’m not spelling it with a Z!) because it had been too damn long.

Friday night, his first show, Jason was absolutely on fire. There was no mistaking the revolutionary fervor for anything else - he owned that stage. He is so expressive and captivating…

Saturday Afternoon was just as intense, if not more! There were so many tender moments of contemplation that I did not notice the first night… the look of devastation and guilty when Gavroche landed in his arms will probably stay with me for quite a while.

As a bonus, Saturday there were a herd of (tour babies!) swings on!

So… I did a thing… you’re welcome! A gift for you all

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catsmagiccastle replied to your post: mICKEY AND IAN JUST FUCKED FOR THE FIR…

I don’t know what’s going on but congrats!

SHAMELESS AHHHHH such a good show

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"kiss me and ill cut your fucking tongue out"

w ow ie


gnomon’s the default thing to doodle when idk what i want to do

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friendly reminder that george blagden had grape juice in his bottles for les mis

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